Startup Collaborations

Strong partnerships to bring innovations for a better world

At APIT, we are dedicated to sustainably feed and move 10 billion people in 1050. This ambitious goal is too big to achieve alone and will require strong collaborations with bright and daring startups – together we can achieve this!

Why do we collaborate with startups?

Today, 1/3 of all food is wasted whilst 71% of the world’s fresh water and 85% of the total arable land is used for food production. Food consumption is expected to increase by 50% until 2050. 25% of the global greenhouse gases come from agriculture and 15% come from transportation.

Every day, 2 billion people eat food that has been processed on our machinery and 1 billion use transport systems containing our advanced materials. Our role in ensuring sustainable food supply and mobility puts us in a key position to make a difference for a sustainable future.

This is why we have committed to reducing water use, energy and waste by 50% in our customer’s value chains by 2025. But we cannot do it alone. We must harness collaboration and partnership with you – to drive innovations for a better world starting today.

To reduce by 50% water use, energy and waste in our customers’ value chain, we are focusing on 6 pillars:


How to collaborate with us

  • Apply  online here 
  • We contact you and we get to know each other
  • You participate in one of our Startup Days 
  • If your proposition is aligned with our focus, we work together on a PoC with our customers and/or innovation partners  in one of our Innovation Centers
  • You become part of Bühler’s partnership & residence program, have direct access to our global Application Labs, resources, process know-how and business expertise to get insights and guidance from our experts
  • We finance the costs of the PoC either directly or through an investment in your company
  • We scale together the business opportunity through our international network of customers
  • We settle a stronger relationship through a further investment, a commercial relationship or a joint-venture

Why apply and what's in it for you

With our businesses, expertise and customer base, together we’ll take on challenges that matter.

Collaborate with our businesses and gain residence in one of our 28 innovation centres worldwide, including the CUBIC in Uzwil. All background IP remains with you; anything we develop together is joint IP.

We have a large network of innovation partners such as Mass Challenge and EIT FAN where we can support your growth in terms of training, network and exposure.

Capitalise on our extensive global customer base to work together on PoCs in an industrial environment and verify the business benefit of your solution. Gain market access where we can help your company scale.

APIT AUTOMATION new innovation campus

Foster collaboration and innovation in our new APIT Automation innovation campus Bangalore India

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