Big Data & Analytics : APIT Automation

What is Big Data?

Large volumes, high frequency & variety of data

Our robust systems operate continuously and generate large amounts of time series data from Sensors, devices, manage structures, different systems, and so forth; those records which cannot be stored in conventional Relational Databases require massive data systems provided by APIT Automation.

Process Data Analytics for Big Data

Data to Information

The Analytics transforms engg-integrated information to records-integrated and gives Interactive Visualizations of built-integrated and Metrics of method facts.

Self Service and Interactive:

Customers fast start analysing the data and the usage of ‘drag and drop’ method, by themselves with no help from IT support.

Actionable Insights:

Technique of Statistical Analytics provide the proper records at the right time and enable you to make proper decisions.

Process Data Analytics - Built-in Tools

About Us

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