Energy Management System : APIT Automation

Challenges in Monitoring and Maintaining of Energy usage

Implement Energy Management System today and start saving energy

The Energy Management System (EMS) is required for all Power Plants and Manufacturing Companies where the real-time energy consumption patterns are to be measured and monitored to minimize the consumption. inSis EMS collects the vital energy consumption information from the energy meters, relays, RTUs etc., on real-time basis.

It stores this information and provides to users in the form of Analytics, Trends, Dashboards, Reports, Alerts etc. Further, the Energy KPIs are calculated online and used for monitoring the Energy Efficiency of Manufacturing Facility

inSis- EMS Stores the Real-Time Data in inSis Server for an unlimited period of time.

It collects the real-time data from,

Helps in increasing the Energy Efficiency of your Manufacturing Plant

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