Architecture : APIT Automation

Robust, Secure & Extensible Software Architecture

Layered computer code program design guarantees records protection, dependableness & rate

Data Source System

It collects actual-time information from severa belongings like p.c/SCADA, DCS, Sensors, file and so forth.

Core System

The coronary heart of APIT Automations is core system which does calculations, implements business good judgment, facts processing, and so forth.

History System

Historian stores these manufacturing statistics in a proprietary inSis Historian database

Information System

Provides the info to the front-end applications while not troubling the Core System

Connect multiple manufacturing facilities and manage operations data centrally

Multiple Facilities, Plants, Units, Remote operating sites are connected using flexible and scalable system

Deploy On-premises on Private Cloud

You will use APIT Server installed in your company.

The PLC/DCS/Sensors are connected over the Data Network within your company. Optionally, the server is put on a Private Cloud for users to access data from outside company.

Deploy on Cloud with Cloud

You will use secure APIT Cloud Platform

The PLC/DCS/Sensors are connected over the Data Network within your company. The inSis Data Collector will be installed at your site. This Data Collector will push the data to Cloud.

About Us

APIT Automation Pvt. Ltd., are pioneers in providing Agile, Pragmatic, Innovative & Transformative technology solutions, synonymous with our brand name; ensuring ‘highly effective’ customized Automation for Businesses across various sectors.