Visualize the true reflections of your plant data

With APIT Automation, fast get in to action the usage of at the fly calculations, custom metrics and self-provider analytics.

Infoview lets you gather, shop and analyze your operations information from various facts resources like L1/Sensors, L2/DAQ/p.c/SCADA/DCS, L3/MES/mom structures, L4/ERP/big data etc. It transforms this real time and historical facts in to a significant and beneficial facts which can be used to display and enhance the procedure operations. This facts are then made to be had on computers, Mobiles, workplace Apps, Cloud Apps and so forth.


The Infoview web App offers intuitive internet UI for visualization of operational statistics. it’s miles supported in all HTML5 supported browsers along with cellular browsers.



Provides access to Data Visualisation and Analytics over Mobiles and Tablets. Native iOS and Android mobile apps are provided for top management to quickly see the essential information with drilldowns for more detailed information


APIT Automation is devoted to industrial automation and data and makes its customers greater efficient and the world more sustainable.


Navigate into the records of your system plant operations with APIT Automation Infoview SmartTrend. It gives net primarily based, HTML5 supoprted, light weight and rich trending device for monitoring procedure parameters


The Calculation Engine affords easy and flexible platform for configuring complicated expressions without any software program coding. similarly, it offers the information mapping and processing of enter and output variables


Schedular helps in providing the Infoviews and Reports by SMS/EMAIL. Users can create self-service notifications for critical parameters by Email and SMS


Infoview Data Analytics Platform provides wide range of tools to provide the actionable insights in to process operations and enable take quick decisions. 


Infoview will push key operations data to Big Data platforms like Hadoop. It also acts as the Anlaytics platform for accessing the Big Data.


All users of the system will have a personalised home page wherein the end users can manage their essential operations data for quick access. It provides Personalized Home Layout, Personal Shortcuts, Profile Management, Personal On-load content, Quick Search, Personal Theme and App Links 

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